Aurelien Rodot

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Your Freelance CTO

From idea to product, real quick



Building innovative products from the ground up is what drives me. With experience spanning engineering, management, and business, I'm here to bring your ideas to life. My curiosity, energy, and ability to learn quickly allow me to adapt to any project. Let's explore how I can contribute to your success!

10 years of experience, as an entrepreneur and generalist engineer
Adapt to change, update requirements using agile project management
Satisfaction guaranteed, with no commitment beyond the current milestone
Transparency is key, enjoy a partnership based on honesty and openness

Agile management

Let's cut through the jargon. What matters most is getting the job done right and fast. Using a cycle of build, test, learn, I make sure we're on track and not wasting time. For the teams and projects I manage, I use approaches like scrum, kanban, and lean startup, but the real focus is on finding what works best for your project.


  • Web - Full-stack web apps, PWA, CI/CD...
  • IoT - Embedded firmware, cloud...
  • Real time - Games, VR, Unity, SDL2...
  • Industry - Machine vision, robotics...
  • AI - Language models, deep learning...


  • Electronics Mechanics Robotics
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial machines
  • Quick prototyping - Test it next day!
  • Mass production - Assembly, PCBs, injection molding, etc.
  • Certification - CE, FCC, etc.