Aurelien Rodot

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Indie game dev @ Scree

SCREE: A roguelike in a sandbox

  • Development - Engine from scratch in C++, with cross-platform CI/CD
  • Play testing - Getting continuous feedback from day one
  • Design - Creativity through contraints: everything is a circle

Solo founder @ Gamebuino

Open-source game console

  • Designed an shipped - Electronics, firmware, injection molding, packaging…
  • Ran a business - Funding, marketing, PR, HR, management…
  • Created a community - Passionate open-source content creators worldwide


  • 5000+ consoles shipped, 80% exported (USA, Europe, Japan)
  • Crowdfunded 33 k€ on Indiegogo, 66 k€ on Kickstarter
  • Several pitch and design awards - Etoile du design, Trophée startup AURA...
Freelance CTO @ Visioshape

Laser texturing machine

  • Agile - Defined the customer's problem and how to continuously measure progress
  • Creative - Designed a machine to etch at scales never reached before (patent pending)
  • Versatile - Computer vision, robotics, optics, electronics, software architecture...